Established in 1977, Rocialle Healthcare is a trusted partner to the NHS, proudly supplying healthcare professionals with vital products and services for over 40 years.

We have built our business on solid understanding of customer needs and have become one of the first-choice suppliers of custom procedure packs, single use instruments, woundcare and consumables into the acute care sector.

We understand the needs of Hospitals and providers of Acute Care services, and we aim to make product selection, procurement and ongoing support efficient & safe.


Surgical Instruments, Procedure Packs, Polyware & Consumables

We  supply custom procedure packs, as well as everyday consumables for use in medical & surgical settings.

At Rocialle AcuteCare, we will find the best materials and solutions to fit your needs, whilst maintaining our vision of a greener future and “Net-Zero” NHS.

Acting today, protecting tomorrow…

Here at Rocialle Healthcare, we are passionate about our responsibility to protect the planet. With a laser-focus on reducing our environmental footprint, we care about doing our bit to look after both the communities we serve and future generations to come.

As we continue to make significant steps in our GREEN-R journey, we’re proudly making progress in achieving our vision of being FULLY SUSTAINABLE.

Cleanroom & Sterilisation Business Solutions

We provide Cleanroom Assembly/Contract Manufacturing, Microbiology & Sterilisation Solutions.

B2B & Export/International Supply Solutions

We also work with other Healthcare Suppliers and resellers, as well as export to our International Partners. Contact us to speak to one of our B2B & International Business Managers, who will discuss your individual requirements.

We’re proud to supply NHS Supply Chain, NHS All Wales Framework & NHS Scotland National Procurement.


Rocialle AcuteCare is a division of Rocialle Healthcare, who rebranded in 2021.