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Combining innovative design with exceptional quality, Rocialle Healthcare is proud to bring you a comprehensive portfolio of Peripheral Intravenous Cannula (PIVC) that achieves the highest standards of reliability to help protect you and your patients.

Including passive safety technology with fail-safe, needle-stick prevention features, we offer a range of easy-to-use products to maximise clinical outcomes without the need for extra training and with no change to your existing technique.

Choosing the right cannula for your requirements…

To help make your ordering and product selection easier, all of our cannula are colour coded with the size specifications clearly marked.  Below is a guide to indicate typical usage, and if you’ve ever got any queries our team of product experts are here to assist.

Cannula ColourCannula GaugeTypical Flow RateCannula LengthTypical Usage
ColourOrangeGauge14GTypical Flow Rate340-345mls/hrLength45mmTypical Usage
  • Trauma, high risk Surgery
  • For rapid infusion, of whole blood, blood components or viscous fluids
ColourGreyGauge16GTypical Flow Rate196-210mls/hrLength45mmTypical Usage
  • Trauma, or surgery when high volume fluids required quickly
  • For rapid infusion, of whole blood, blood components or viscous fluids
ColourWhiteGauge17GTypical Flow Rate140mls/hrLength45mmTypical Usage
  • Significant amount fluids/blood required at high volumes
  • For infusing blood transfusion quickly
ColourGreenGauge18GTypical Flow Rate96-100mls/hrLength32mmTypical Usage
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
  • Large volume of crystalloid fluids
ColourPinkGauge20GTypical Flow Rate60mls/hrLength32mmTypical Usage
  • Multi-purpose
  • For hydration IV medication, blood sampling
ColourBlueGauge22GTypical Flow Rate36mls/hrLength25mmTypical Usage
  • Chemotherapy, elderly patients, Paediatrics, slow infusions
ColourYellowGauge24GTypical Flow Rate23mls/hrLength19mmTypical Usage
  • Short-term infusions
  • Frail patients, elderly patients, paediatric patients
ColourPurpleGauge26GTypical Flow Rate15mls/hrLength19mmTypical Usage
  • Paediatric – neonates

Nusaf Safety IV Catheter

Featuring fail-safe, fully automatic, needle-stick prevention technology that provides clinicians with fully protection from the risk of injuries and the transmission of blood-borne pathogens, Nusaf is a safe and effective, straight Peripheral IV Cannula that requires no change to technique and no requirement for further training.

Safnule Blood Control Safety IV Catheter

This next-generation safety device uniquely features a patented one-way valve that eliminates the risk of blood exposure.

A complete bundle of care…

In addition to your IV catheters and cannula, we also offer fully comprehensive range of IV dressings, consumables and other essential items. Below are some of our customer favourites and you can find our full range here.


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