Reduce the Risk of Never Events with
our Innovative XRD Swabs and Sponges

Designed to stand out

Rocialle Healthcare is proud to exclusively bring Fluro-Tec® to the UK National Health Service.
This new and uniquely innovative range of X-ray Detectable Swabs and Sponges truly
stand out from the crowd.

  • Enhances intra-operative detection
  • Reduces the risk of Never Events
  • Contributes to improvements in peri-operative practice

Fluro-Tec leads the way in product quality, accuracy, and environmental impact.


Highly Absorbent

Fluro-Tec absorbs up to 8 times its own weight in fluids, helping to maintain a clear operating field

No Loose Threads

Fluro-Tec XRD threads are made using a patented melt and weave process to ensure no threads are left behind

Low Linting

Low fibre generation reduces the risk of depositing foreign objects and helps to reduce the risk of contamination

Improved Detection

The unique fluorescent thread ensures that swabs and sponges are visible under UV light and detectable by the naked eye even when soaked in blood

Reliable X5 Counting

Assisted with secure red ties, an accurate and reliable x5 count is achieved every time

*Luminance contrast performance of Fluro-Tec® compared to a standard swab or sponge, independently verified under a control “Multigate Fluro-Tec® Luminance Contrast Assessment”, Ergonmite Pty, Ltd, 04/07/2019  #Provisional publication of Never Events reported as occurring between 1 April and 31 March 2023, NHS England, May 2023  ^“Life Cycle Assessment – Cotton vs Composite Abdominal Sponges” undertaken by Lifecycles for Multigate Medical Products, July 2022

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