Rocialle AcuteCare is proud to be the first company to bring NHS hospitals a new range of polyware that’s COMPLETELY MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC.

Combining high-quality materials with sustainable production, Healthcare Professionals can have complete confidence in our EcoRange products while cutting waste to landfill. With the added benefit of a higher degree of flex, there is no compromise in usage weights or volumes.

EcoRange is available to order now from your NHS Supply Chain online catalogue or from Rocialle AcuteCare directly.

Look for the products made from 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC


As is the case with all single-use items, we do need to stress that these products should not be re-sterilised or autoclaved.

To determine if a product is single-use, then please check the symbols on the product packaging and of course, if you’ve ever in doubt, then please do get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help

Choose EcoRange as together we work towards a ‘Net Zero’ health service

  • High-quality, high-flex material

  • Complete range of gallipots, bowls, trays and kidney dishes

  • Cuts waste to landfill and encourages sustainable production