About Us

Your Trusted Partner for Over 40 Years

For over 40 years, we have supplied healthcare providers with custom procedure packs, single-use instruments, sterile and non-sterile consumable items, PPE and more, all of which are vital to patient care.


During that time we have become widely regarded by both clinical and commercial specialists as a reliable partner, sharing the objectives of improved patient experience, value for money and the focus of resources for patient care.


We have now created a new trading division called Rocialle AcuteCare, which utilises our vast experience of working within the acute care sector for over 40 years, concentrating it with dedicated resource, knowledge and a laser focus on our customers’ requirements.

In 2021, we rebranded from “Rocialle” to Rocialle Healthcare and launched our new trading division, Rocialle AcuteCare.

Rocialle AcuteCare aims to make product selection, procurement and ongoing support efficient & safe.

We are helping to control infection and reduce the cost of high-quality medical products through our wide range of single use surgical instruments and medical packs, packed and sterilised at our facilities in the UK.

Rocialle AcuteCare serves almost every NHS Trust in the UK, and by closely matching products and services to health providers’ needs, we have gained a market leading position in the supply of Procedure Packs.

Presenting surgical teams with all of the consumables required for a particular procedure in one sterile pack means that the risk of surgical site infection is reduced and that time previously spent picking and unwrapping can instead be spent caring.

Established over 40 years ago, we relocated to South Wales in 1995, with the head office, warehouse operations, clean room production and sterilisation facilities based in Mountain Ash.

Rocialle Healthcare employs over 450 staff across the UK, with a massive 51% of people staying in the business for 10+ years.

Fully Sustainable by 2030

We have a duty to our planet, ourselves and our children to protect our collective future. To avoid further damage and reverse it where possible, we’ve committed to our vision of becoming fully sustainable by 2030.

We are the first company to bring the NHS a range of  polyware which is entirely made from 100% Recycled Plastic, specifically designed to reduce landfill waste.  All of our own brand packaging is also made completely out of 100% Recycled Cardboard and we are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

With further innovation planned, we are always looking for new ways to supply the highest quality products and services sustainably as we work with our customers to deliver a “Net-Zero NHS”.

  • Our Mission

    Rocialle AcuteCare is a trusted partner for high quality, medical and surgical products and services.

    With a laser-focus on improving sustainability and our environmental impact, we are proud to deliver solutions to healthcare professionals across acute hospital, community, and primary care settings.

  • Our Vision 2026

    Rocialle AcuteCare aspires to be the first choice for professionals and patients.

    Providing the highest quality, sustainable, customer-centric product & service solutions that will enable treatment, facilitate prevention and encourage personal wellbeing across the healthcare community.