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Supporting targeted perioperative care, Rocialle Healthcare bring you a new range of Anti-Embolism Stockings which offer premium brand quality at great value prices.

Specifically designed to aid in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), our stockings apply the clinically proven level of graduated compression of 18mmHg at the ankle, to allow continual blood flow in the patient’s legs whilst they are immobile.

Featuring high durability material along with a quick and easy identifiable colour-coded feature on the heel, a fully extensive range of sizes are available to provide a tailored fit to your exact clinical requirements.

Application Instructions

Ensure correct final placement on the leg with our step-by-step application to apply your anti-embolism stocking

Care Information

Although stockings are designed to be worn 24hrs per day, they should be removed daily for hygiene and skin status checks. Avoid using greasy ointments, oils and lanolin on your skin as this damages the stocking’s elastic fibres.

Wash at 40°C on a gentle wash, or by hand. May be washed up to 30 times. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. DRY AWAY FROM DIRECT HEAT

Please check with your healthcare provider regarding the suitability for this treatment. A complete list of contraindications, which includes vascular disease, skin conditions, acute conditions, drug therapy also allergy to AES material, are all listed under NICE Guidelines – NG89- Section 1.

Stop the use of anti-embolism stockings if blistering or discolouration of the skin is obscene, pins and needles or cold toes are experienced, aswell as swelling of the toes and feet if the patient experiences pain or discomfort.

Never roll your stockings down while you are wearing them as this will alter their performance and could constrict blood flow.


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